Where were the players on the current top 5 teams 3 years ago?

As of June 10th, 2016:


nitr0 & EliGE:

  • Both on Team Liquid, preparing for ESL One Cologne 2016; s1mple has just returned for two more events before leaving for Europe permanently.


  • Playing for TSM as a stand-in; will attend his first Liquipedia Premier LAN in a few weeks (ECS Season 1).


  • On OpTic Gaming, playing against FLuffy Gangsters in the LAN qualifier for ESL One Cologne 2016.


  • Also at the ESL One Cologne 2016 LAN qualifier, playing for Cloud9 against TYLOO.


device, dupreeh, & Xyp9x:

  • All on Astralis; all preparing for DreamHack Summer and ECS Season 1.


  • Currently orgless after CPH Wolves dropped his squad; in the next few weeks will stand in for Magisk on SK at DreamHack Summer and Kjaerbye on Astralis at ESL One Cologne 2016. His team will soon be picked up by Heroic.


  • Going by Magiskb0y, playing for SK Gaming; will miss his team’s next LAN (DreamHack Summer) for his exams.



  • Playing for a previous iteration of the ENCE roster at a small Finnish LAN (Vectorama 2016). Will leave for FaZe in the next 2 months.

xseveN, sergej, Aleksib:

  • All at the same LAN as allu, all playing for different teams. All 3 will make the playoffs; sergej’s 5CORE.RED falls to Aleksib’s Findictus, while both Findictus and xseveN’s RCTIC lose to ENCE in the playoffs.


  • Last seen representing Finland in King of Nordic in early May. Will make his ESEA page on the 18th.


NBK- and apEX:

  • Both on Team EnVyUs. Playing in the ESL One Cologne 2016 LAN qualifier against Gambit.


  • Playing for G2 at the ESL One Cologne 2016 LAN qualifier against HellRaisers.


  • Has been playing for LDLC for two months. Only LAN lined up in the next few months is the ESL Championnat National; other than that, is mostly playing online tournaments and open qualifiers.


  • Still two months from his first appearance on Liquipedia or HLTV.


yuurih & arT:

  • Four months from their first appearances on Liquipedia or HLTV.


  • Five months from his first appearance on HLTV. Liquipedia shows him playing for Pichau, mainly in online Brazilian tournaments. Last tournament on record is the relegation tournament for Gamers Club’s online league.


  • One year, 4 months from his first appearance on HLTV. Only Liquipedia event is r1se Cup, a Brazilian online tournament in 2015. His team (Army5 Gaming) goes out 0-2, including a 16-2 loss to a Dexterity Team squad containing TACO, HEN1, LUCAS1, and coldzera.


  • One year, 2 months from his first appearance on Liquipedia. One year, 10 months from his first appearance on HLTV.

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